Why the same problem keeps poping up?…why has God forsaken Me?

  1. Do you have those questions…are you tired of the same situation or challeng coming up over and over again. Does it seem like God has forsaken you?.Are you on the edge of a cliff?..Are you at your crossroads confused?..Has life thrown so many stones at you and you are almost given up or better still given up already?..Have you called God in your dillema and it seems like God has forsaken you ..if you have all these thoughts then God isnt the  problem…you are your own problem…You have refused to be honest to God.You. have refused to be plain with Him…He said in Isa 1:18 that we should reason along with him but we have neglected this verse and then start believing in our own intellect.We are doing things our own way.We blurted Him out of our story and Hes now become a ‘Call only when i need something’ God.He keeps speaking to our soul that we should be more commited and connected to him but we have refused and have almost been swallowed up by the lust and desires of this world and when the whole thing crashes on us we blame Him for it and we seem to forget to ask ourselves …how many times have i sooken to Him personally about Me…about my ideas..thoughts and views…How many times nhave i rendered services that came from my heart to Him?

Never Give up when the going gets tougher…its only the tough thats eventually going to make it

Yesterday at the crusade was really fun and uplifting and we all felt alive in his presence until the mic system stopped functioning…I was like “O God what is happening”..”not now”…I felt really weak because we were leading praises…thank God the bible has said it all…IRON SHARPENS IRON…We encouraged ourselves in the lord as King David did and I remembered that Jesus had no microphone but yet he spoke to 5000 men (with women and children not recorded)…that indeed is a Miracle…So we used our bare hands and voices to praise God and it was superb…everybody present felt part of the praise session and we all did it with our hearts and were blessed…Never give up…Find Alternatives…God has not given up on you…stay glued on Him…He has the best plans in store for you…You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you…Be ENCOURAGED…You are the light of the world